Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

15 minutes ago, i thought Lizzie was really considering changing to my school(Yesh!!!). She told me she got suspended by her school for a week. Why? Because she argued with her teacher(she sure has got some guts). Now, it really got me worried, cause a young lady like her wouldn't be that rude or perphaps the school's not being rational. So i asked her in a proper manner hoping not to arouse her anger.."mana tau"...april fools!!! Oh well, at least it shows that i'm concern about her. Actually..i was thinking of what kind words of encouragement i should give her. Like copy and paste bible verses, or like "it's ok, god has a plan for u....". But come to think of it, i should have just ask her to pray and repent(she would definitely feel guilty for fooling me)..haha...JK..
It's april fools day, so it's ok to play some innocent and harmless tricks or jokes on others. Better do it fast before the clock strikes 12.